Frequently Asked Questions

Credit card charges will appear on your statement as “leadingedgehealth.com” or “www.leminternet.com”.

Yes. We’ll refund 100% of your money if you aren’t satisfied.

Just click here. The simple instructions will take you through the quick ordering process.

Yes, our secure server is reliable, quick and easy to use. We use the latest technology for complete protection of your information.

Since the ProExtender® device was designed by a medical practitioner, it is anatomically appropriate and correct to function as it should with minimal discomfort even when used for extended periods of time. Initially, you may notice some slight soreness as your body adjusts to the traction, and this normally tapers off quickly. In some cases, men experience some minor skin irritation, and there are cushions or pads available to correct this.

Most guys use ProExtender® with no problems whatsoever. It’s designed to rest on the penis and easily blend into your daily routine. With that said, we’d encourage you to speak with your doctor if you have any specific concerns prior to using the device.

The ProExtender® is adjustable — you just drop in the add-on extenders to lengthen the bars of the device to whatever length you choose.

No. Your gains are permanent if ProExtender® is used as directed.

ProExtender® does both! The average length increase is 24%, and the average girth increase is 19%.

The ProExtender® just adjusts to the erection angle, or simply slides off smoothly so you can apply it again.